Sofia Vergara Is Proud to Be Posing Nude at 45: ”At This Time in Your Life, You Can’t Be Perfect”


Sofia Vergara recently bared it all on the cover of Women’s Health


“I told [my rep], ‘I’m going to be 45 years old! Stop putting me in naked things! Let me age with dignity!’ People say, ‘Oh, you look like you’re in your twenties.’ Well, it’s not true. Our skin is different,” she told Women’s Health. “I had never thought of the word pore, then I’m like, ‘Sh-t! What do I do with these?'” (Huge congratulations to Sofia Vergara for going so long without needing a Bioré strip.)

“Here’s a woman, 45, being able to show her body. It’s not like before, when it was just young girls,” she added. (Another congratulations to Vergara for not yet reaching her Last Fuckable Day.)

The actress also gave an inside look at her exercise regimen–although she’s not the biggest fan of it.

“Joe built a very nice gym in the house, so I don’t have any excuses,” she told the outlet, referring to her husband Joe Manganiello. She has three or four sessions with a personal trainer each week, where she works on the Megaformer, a machine that “combines cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility.” Yep, this explains why Manganiello is completely jacked.

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