10 Reasons Why Women Are Actually Stronger Than Men


People often say that women are actually stronger than men, but listeners usually take is as a joke or a way to diminish men, but they still believe that a woman can’t possibly be stronger than a man.
Well, check out our list of reasons below, and think twice.

1. Our periods can give us regular breakouts

2. Period bloating

3. Big breasts problems

4. Our stomach can stretch to an enormous size during pregnancy

5. And then we should learn to love our post-partum bodies


6. People put pressure on us and we are made to feel like we must have a reason for not wanting children

7. Welcome to bruising for no particular reason at all

8. People feel like they can tell us what should we wear in public

9. People make us feel inadequate if we can’t have children on our own

10. This is how much our cervix stretches when giving birth