102-Year-Old Woman Casts Her Vote In Full Protective Gear


Beatrice Lumpkin is a 102-year-old woman that first voted for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt back in 1940, and she hasn’t missed a vote ever since. However, for the 2020 elections, she has been advised to stay home throughout the pandemic as she’s extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. The 102-year-old hadn’t missed a vote in 80 years, so she decided to post her own mail-in ballot and vote while wearing full protective gear.

The photos of Lumpkin casting her vote in a hazmat-type pandemic protection gear designed by her grandson were shared by the Chicago Teachers Union – of which she used to be a member.


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Good morning! This is 102-year-old CTU retiree Bea Lumpkin casting her vote-by-mail ballot. If Bea can do it, anyone can do it. Vote!

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The photo was a massive hit, and Lumpkin has since told WBBM that it was very important for her to vote so she can honor those who secured women’s rights.
“When I was born, women couldn’t vote. And second, because it’s the most important election of my lifetime. The very future of democracy is on the line.” – she said.

Lumpkin claims that she has faith in the system, and said that there’s a whole lot she would say about Trump if she had the chance.

The Chicago Teachers Union escorted Lumpkin to the mailbox and shared the moment on Instagram.