103-Year-Old Grandma Shares How She Used To Pick Cotton For 14 Hours-A-Day For Just 50 Cents


Although there are still conservatives who argue if we should educate our children about the history of racism in America, there are still living proofs of how Black people were exploited in America through slavery. Take Madie Scott for example.

Scott is a 103-year-old grandmother who spent years picking cotton as a child. Her granddaughter Shanika Bradshow, who goes by the TikTok handle @blackbeauty_305, recently decided to document and share her grandma’s stories of that time. She shares her stories on TikTok, where they went viral.

Scott revealed who she worked for over 14 hours a day when she was just 12-years-old, and was earning just 50 cents for her work.


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If we all could just stop judging people and love, this world would be great.. All of us are not the same.. Racism is taught.. You are not born that way!!

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Scott explained in one of the videos that she used to walk up and down the rows every day, and the thorns kept hurting her fingers.
The owners of the field would send a bus to pick her up at 3 Am. She would work throughout the day and she would return home at 5 pm. According to Scott, they were all overworked and exploited, but didn’t have much of a choice.


Jack sends my Gma flowers and money every chance he gets.. When I tell you he loves her to death. On this day, he sat on that couch and held her hand most of the day. He was her baby. He tells her he loves her all the time.. ❤

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Scott’s story shows just how recent slavery was, and her videos urged many to find the women who raised them while their parents were at work and thank them.

Source: Upworthy