107-Year-Old Dutch Woman Is Oldest COVID-19 Survivor


Cornelia Ras is a 107-year-old Dutch woman that has successfully recovered from COVID-19, and she’s probably the oldest survivor of the novel virus in the world.

The elderly woman fell ill on March 17, just a day after her 107th birthday, as reported by Dutch newspaper AD, as she and 40 other people that attended a church service were diagnosed as carrying the virus.

Even though twelve of those people have already passed, the 107-year-old miraculously survived the infection.

Maaike de Groot, her niece, told the newspaper said that they did not expect her to survive this. However, Ras takes no medicines, still walks well, and she gets on her knees every night to pray.

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands is on the rise, and the toll is currently 2,396.

The oldest documented COVID-19 survivor, prior to Ras, was a 104-year-old man from America who also survived WWII and the Spanish Flu pandemic.