18-Year-Old Girl Drowns as a Hero While Saving Three Children From Turbulent Water


Raina Lynn Neeland is an 18-year-old girl from Bagley, Minnesota, who lost her life a hero after she managed to save her three little cousins ged 10, 8, and 6 from churning water.
Namely, the incident took place in Clearwater Lake.
Raina and five of her cousins were having a swim in the lake, when the kids started going off the dam into the river, but became trapped in the treacherous water.

This is what Raina’s aunt, Victoria Wind, said of the incident:

“From our understanding, when they went into the water the current was so strong, it could look calm on the top. The water levels were higher than they were previously and the kids jumped in, thinking nothing was any different … the kids were in the water, tumbling in the water.”


Raina immediately jumped to help the children, and there probably would have been multiple fatalities if it wasn’t for her heroic act.
She did her part and saved who she could, and started throwing them close enough where her brother could grab them and pull them out.

Unfortunately, despite her efforts, she couldn’t make it.

Source: iheartintelligence