In 1932, Amelia Earhart Wrote to The New York Times to Complain About Sexist Headlines


Before she married George Palmer Putnam in 1931, the New York Times referred to her in their articles as Miss Earhart, but after their nuptials they began exclusively referring to her as Mrs. Putnam.

She objected, the New York Times revealed on Thursday.

“Despite the mild expression of my wishes, and those of G.P.P., I am constantly referred to as ‘Mrs. Putnam’ when the Times mentions me in its columns,” she wrote. “After all (here may be a principle) I believe flyers should be permitted the same privileges as writers or actresses.”

The day after she completed her trans-Atlantic trip, the New York Times referred to her as Mrs. Putnam while the Chicago Tribune published the headline “I Flew For Fun: Mrs. Putnam.”

The New York Times didn’t seem to originally be on board with the proposal. The day she wrote the letter the paper printed the headline “Harrison and Rye Hail Mrs. Putnam’s Return.” But soon after, they adopted the request.

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