5-Year-Old Dancer ‘Boss Baby Sass Brody’ Defies Gender Norms And Inspires Millions


Brody Schaffer is a 5-year-old dancer that introduces himself as ‘I’m Boss Baby Sassy Brody’. As glamorous as he is, the little boy has taken the world by storm with his personality and talent, all wrapped in an amazingly cute package. Brody is already an Instagram celebrity, with almost 550k followers, and he’s become somewhat of an online dancing sensation. What people love about him is that he isn’t afraid to express himself, and he lives his best life – even though he’s just 5 years old.

His mom, Danielle, said during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show that he started dancing in the womb, and they listen to music in their house 24 hours a day. They all love music, and he started dancing when he was just 1 year old.


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Danielle and her husband immediately recognized their son’s passion for dance, so they decided to unconditionally support him in his dance endeavors.
They believe that he’s a born ballet dancer, and even though he hasn’t had any professional training yet, he moves his feet like he’s been dancing for years.

She believes he’s a true natural, and claims they often get messages from professional dancers, telling them that what he does is crazy.

Although boys pursuing ballet has been a hot topic in recent times, the mom doesn’t believe in curbing her son’s interests and hobbies no matter how unorthodox they may be.

Check out Danielle’s interview with the Kelly Clarkson’s Show for yourself below:

Source: Upworthy