6 Weeks Pregnant Doesn’t Mean What Most People Think It Means


When it comes to pregnancy and pregnant women, we often hear the term ‘six weeks pregnant’. However, pregnancy weeks are not measures the way most people think.
According to a Twitter thread that was recently written by NBC News’ Ginger Gibson, pregnancy is measured from the first day of a woman’s last period – which is typically around two weeks before the egg gets impregnated.

So, technically, there’s no actual pregnancy in the first two weeks of pregnancy. Even though it’s weird, it’s how the ‘weeks pregnant’ calculation works.

So, chances are that you wouldn’t know you’re pregnant at the three weeks of pregnancy, and neither would an at-home pregnancy test. The first time you might notice your period is late is at four weeks, and it’s at this point when a pregnancy test might tell you you’re pregnant.

Accordingly, Texas’ new draconian abortion ban would maybe give women around two weeks after they find out they’re pregnant to make a decision. A recent study found that the average woman in the US finds out she’s pregnant at 5.5 weeks of pregnancy, and many don’t even know they’re pregnant until after six weeks.

So, when Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor says that the law gives at least 6 weeks for a person to be able to get an abortion, it’s a false statement. No, you don’t have six weeks to decide – you have 2 weeks at best, and zero at worst.

Source: Upworthy