62-Year-Old Woman Spent Her Life Savings On Husband Half Her Age, Now She “Feels Stupid”


Diane De Zoysa is a 62-year-old Scottish woman that got stranded in Sri Lanka with huge monetary dues after her husband passed. She was finally able to return to her home country only a year later, back in November 2018.

Reportedly, Diane, a former council worker, spent her entire life savings just to marry the 26-year-old Priyanjana De Zoysa and live the rest of her life with him on his home island because she thought that he loved her back. She spent a total of $110,000, out of which she bought a house and a few other expensive items, including a minibus.

Diane had to sell her house in Musselburgh, Scotland, and she used the money to buy a house in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, though, she hadn’t realized that her much-younger husband was actually tied with gangsters, who eventually took him down. She was left stuck in the country with no money to get back home, and she finally managed to land back in Edinburgh airport only a year after he was gone.

Priyanjana’s family did not allow Diane to sell the house she had gotten for him after his tragic demise, and they kept her home and did not let her leave at all. They took it to a point where she felt like she was under house arrest, and they demanded her to give them money from her pension every month. She claims that she was not allowed to go anywhere, not even to the beach or to the store. She finally managed to get away from the family and live with a few friends after almost a year.


Diane’s friends had warned her that it was all about the money at the beginning, but she refused to believe them. She believed that the man loved her just as much as she was into him. She told MailOnline that she should have realized that it was just about the money in the first place, but she really loved him and she thought that he loved her back, so she wanted to prove her friends wrong.
As reported, Diane spent around $70,000 on the house and $40,000 on the minibus for him.

The 62-year-old woman now aims to rebuild her life in her home country and start a new chapter.