68-Year-Old Reinvented Herself And Started Charging Men $150 An Hour To Clean Her House


Sherry Lever is a 68-year-old grandmother from Swindon, Wiltshire, who publicly shared how she became a professional “dominatrix”, and she is now helping other bored housewives find the missing spark in their lives.

She revealed how she reinvented herself first as a phone worker, and then as a mistress that charges £120-an-hour (around $150), and she said that she was inundated by more than a hundred women who wanted to “learn the ropes”.

Sherry is a mother of three that goes by the name Mistress Sophia, and she says that her children are completely understanding her unconventional career choice.

Sherry said that she received a lot of emails from women since she appeared on TV, and it was women who were in a similar situation to her.

She said that she answered all of the emails and it really touched her. It made her feel that she was actually helping someone that was in the same situation as herself, and some of the women are now working on the phones, and some come to her to be trained.
She says that she doesn’t charge them, but they have to have a dominant streak.


One of her students is a 50-year-old office worker Mistress Chloe.

She now considers giving up her office job and becoming a full-time dominatrix, just like Mistress Sofia. She told BTV that Mistress Sofia changed her life for the better, and she’s now much happier and more confident.

She used to be just a nine-to-five, but she now has men that come over and clean her home, hoover, and clean the kitchen for her, and if they don’t do it good, they get paddling or whipping.

Mistress Sofia insists that she doesn’t have intercourse with her clients, and she wants people to understand that they’re not escorts.