8 Facts About The Female Body That You Should Know About


Women are very unique in comparison to men, however, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, as these scientifically proven facts will highlight, it may just be better to be a woman…

1. Women are statistically more likely to live longer

Throughout history, men have lived statistically shorter lives than women. Of course, this can be attributed to the fact that the men of the past had no choice but to work physically demanding, and often dangerous jobs, in order to feed their family.

2. Women are programmed differently

According to a study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, a women’s brain is highly connected between the left and right hemispheres. Meanwhile, men’s brains have a stronger connection between the back and the front.

3. Women see the world very differently to men

You may have heard that men are more susceptible to color blindness. No doubt you have discredited that as preposterous. How can that be possible? Well, according to science, it is.

A study conducted by Brooklyn College psychology professor Israel Abramov found that men require a “longer wavelength than do females in order to experience the same hue.”

4. Women are more loving human beings

The chances are that you’ve never heard of Oxytocin, even though it runs through every human body. The little-known hormone is responsible for making you more ‘loveable’.

5. Women’s brains work very differently to men’s

A study carried out by the University of Edinburgh found that, on average, women tend to have much larger cortices than men. Which, for those of us who don’t speak science, means that women may just be more intelligent creatures

6. Women have less tolerance to alcohol

The key to breaking alcohol down is an enzyme found in the stomach, which, according to the University School of Medicine in Trieste, is less present in the stomach of women.

7. Women are more likely to have problems sleeping

The human body needs seven to nine hours of sleep each night in order to function well the next day, but the average woman only sleeps six hours and 41 minutes during the working week.

Women have a better memory

In a study published in the medical journal, Menopause, it was found that women really do have a better memory than men.

The study involved several challenging memory tests of both 212 men and women. Results showed that women outperformed men.