90-Year-Old Grandma Celebrates Her Birthday With Amazing Princess-Themed Party


Many people don’t feel like celebrating their birthdays when they get older – and we believe it’s a mistake. Yes, even though you’re one year older, there are many reasons to celebrate. You’re one year wiser, more experienced, and you still have a bright future ahead of you – even if you’re turning 90!

Stephanie Perkins’s grandma was turning 90, so she decided to arrange a special party for her, including a tutu especially tailored for her, amazing food and cake, and even a professional photographer. Following the Covid-19 restrictions that kept Stephanie away from her grandma for so long, she wanted to surprise her and celebrate her birthday together. Due to the lady’s age, she had to be protected more of the virus, but Stephanie said that her grandma is very special to her, and she didn’t get to see her during the pandemic.

“I knew her 90th birthday was coming and we wanted to do something special just for her. My family had been vaccinated, so we felt like it would be safe to celebrate together.”

The t-shirt Stephanie got her grandma read ‘It took me 90 years to look this good.’ The 90-year-old had a real royal treatment on her birthday, especially when her granddaughter brought her a plastic crown and even a throne to sit on. Besides the cake, Stephanie even had biscuits in the shape of her grandma’s face, and she made her a special pink tutu!

When talking whether her grandma was surprised, Stephanie said that the 90-year-old knew it was happening, but she wasn’t aware what was going to happen when they got there.

The highlight of the birthday was the photoshoot she had organized for her grandma, which was inspired by photoshoots of first birthdays and wedding photoshoots.

They all had a blast – which we can clearly see from the amazing photos! Congratz to the 90-year-old grandma on her birthday!

Source: Upworthy