Adorable Video Features TV Presenter’s Son Interrupting Her On Live TV


Remember when the adorable toddler walked into the room dancing during a BBC Skype interview with Professor Robert Kelly about the impact of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye? And then a second child “wheeled” into the room and followed?

The video went absolutely viral, and many people loved it.

A second video of an adorable toddler interrupting the news has come up, and this time the presenter is a mom.
Watching her struggle to stay professional at her job while one of her kids is “ruining” the moment is absolutely hilarious, and it also serves as a reminder of how hard most parents work to juggle everything in their lives.

MSNBC correspondent Courtney Kube was discussing Turkish airstrikes when her adorable son decided that he wanted some of the spotlight on him. Kube, however, remained come and professional, and she wrote off the moment to “live television”.
MSNBC tweeted the moment out themselves later in order to share the laugh and celebrate working moms around the world.

The internet, expectedly, was in love.