Afghan Women Lead Men In Protests Against the Taliban


Afghanistan celebrated its Independence Day on Thursday, and inspiring videos and photos emerged online. The photos were from a number of brave women who led men in the protests against the Taliban on the streets of Kabul.

The protesters chanted slogans and held flags aloft while marching in front of the men on the 102nd anniversary of the 1919 treaty that set of the Afghanistan independence and ended British rule.

Sky News reported that the protesters were waving their red, green, and black national flags as a symbol of defiance against the Taliban.

However, it was also reported that some people in the eastern city of Asadabad lost their lives at the hands of the Taliban for waving the Afghanistan national flag.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether Afghan women will be allowed to work or go to school under the rule of the Taliban.
Older citizens remember that the Taliban banned women from working, closed girls’ schools, and even banned TV and music across the regions controlled by the group the last time they led the country.

Source: Upworthy