Afghan Women Shine In Colorful Clothes After Hijab Mandate To Illustrate The True #AfghanCulture


As the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the trajectory of the country changed overnight, and the lives of Afghanistan women changed dramatically. Namely, the Taliban are enforcing their interpretation of the infamous Sharia law, and they have already announced that women in the country should wear black hijabs.

Well, Afghan women have decided to protest this rule by sharing photos of themselves wearing colorful traditional Afghanistan dresses on social media, and they’ve made it clear that historically, women in Afghanistan didn’t wear all black. They also accused the Taliban of trying to enforce a culture that’s never belonged to the country – and we love the posts!

The women have been using the hashtag #AfghanCulture, #AfghanWomen, and #ThisIsMyCulture, and the posts are truly wholesome. We invite you to check some of them out for yourselves below:

Source: Upworthy