Amber Rose Defends Her Decision to Dye Her 4-Year-Old Son’s Hair Bleach Blonde


After sharing a photo of her 4-year-old son Sebastian on Instagram, Amber was immediately hit with ‘advice’ from critics, trolls and general busy-bodies about her son’s hair.

Because of course showing off your child’s new hairstyle, which is a pretty awesome-looking platinum blonde, is controversial.

My twin 😍 #sebastiantaylorthomaz

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Following concern (and trolling) from users about Amber bleaching her son’s hair at his age, Amber hit back at “the dirty little trolls” and insisted her son was “so happy”.

Justifying her decision (despite not needing to), Amber wrote: “Lol he begged me for a whole year to dye his hair blonde like mine so we started with a little patch…

Seriously, some of the comments on Rose’s Instagram of her son’s new hairdo were just nasty. “If he was hanging around his dad hell be asking for dreads he’s a child pls don’t turn this boy into a drag queen just cause he wants to be just like his mommy a boy can’t do everything a girl can,” one user wrote. Another added, “If i was his father i will be furious thats all i gotta say.”

“Sorry sweetie you are making him be gay it’s not what you want at the age of 5 it’s what I tell you to do at the age of 5,” another user added.

Of course, there were also a lot of users who attacked Rose in a far more simplistic way. “Stupid mom,” one person wrote, with another adding, “Pray he doesn’t have any allergic reactions nobody is any dirtier than you are.” I mean, come on you guys, why is that necessary?

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