American Mom Living In Germany Shares Why She Would Never Move Back


Aly is an American mom who moved to Germany two years ago, and she’s better known on social media as She’s quite popular on TikTok, and one of her videos recently racked up over 1.7 million views. In the video, she listed the many reasons why she would never move back to the United States.

Namely, as a response to a request for Americans living abroad to explain why they wouldn’t move back to the US, she shared 11 benefits of living in Germany that convinced her to stay there. Two of the most important factors are healthcare and lower crime rates. #stitch with @v.brittney Why I would never choose to go back to the USA. #germanyvsamerica #livingingermany ♬ original sound – Aly (USA Mom in Germany)

Aly has more than 700k followers on TikTok and she often shares video in which she compares the differences between the US and Germany. One of the hottest topics is the difference between the healthcare system in the two countries. Namely, in one of her videos, she busted some of the most common myths and facts about Germany’s universal healthcare system, including the notion that the wait times are long.

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And yet in another popular video, she talked about vacation days in Germany. She said that in Germany, you work for five days a week (and no more), and the minimum vacation days you can get is 20 work days. Yes, the minimum. What does that mean? Well, the country mandates you must take a minimum of 20 paid work days throughout the year, and you’re not allowed NOT to take those days. Some employers, though, might give their employers more vacation days, with some companies offering their employees up to 40 paid vacation days. When you do the math, that’s actually 2 whole months of vacation! Enjoy some reposts for the holidays! See you in 2022! #germanyvsusa #pto ♬ original sound – Aly (USA Mom in Germany)

Anyone else Googling ‘How to move to Germany?’

Source: Upworthy