American Woman Saves $1,800 by Flying To Turkey To Avoid Paying $3,000 For a Root Canal


Delia O’Malley is an Irish woman that lives in Atlanta, and she recently became very popular on social media after sharing a video of what she had to do to get affordable dental treatment.

Delia, who goes by the TikTok handle @asdeliadoes, revealed in a recent video that she traveled all the way to Turkey (yes, from Atlanta, US) for a root canal after her dentist told her that the procedure would cost north of $3,000 in the US – even with her health insurance.

“I just got out of the dentist and they gave me a quote for a root canal. Guess how much? Yep, $3099.16, and that is with my insurance,” – she said in the video.

So, she just booked a flight to Turkey, and the whole procedure cost her $1,167 in total.
The root canal itself only cost $160 in Turkey. She also spent around $200 for her seven-day hotel stay, and the flight was around $800.

@asdeliadoes Beyond grateful ☺️🤍 so I booked a last min trip to Turkey. I missed the water 😍 #turkey #lastminutetrip #manifestation #goodvibes #graitude #sun #kusidasi ♬ original sound – Abi Enrqz

The video has since been viewed more than 3.3 million times, and it prompted many fellow TikTokers to share their own experiences with inexplicably expensive procedures in the US, and traveling abroad to have less expensive dental surgeries.

O’Malley made sure to commend Dental Cosmetic Kusadasi for their service, and she shared that she had had two veneers done there in 2022, and they did a great job – very professional.
Some commenters, however, noticed that the $3,000 quote was for more than just a root canal – but people were still baffled at how can something cost that much in the US, and be way cheaper abroad.

Source: Upworthy