Amputee Beauty Blogger Mama Cax is Our New Favourite


You might be a bit sick of lifestyle bloggers these days, when all they seem to do is apply 100 layers of makeup and tell us things we already know.

But prepare to be completely inspired – both style-wise and life-wise by Mama Cax.



She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14 and was given only 3 weeks to live. Luckily, she survived, but this horrific disease left a mark – Mama Cax had her right leg amputated.

“I recognize how lucky I am and that many can’t afford medical treatments and people with disabilities as a whole face unparalleled discrimination,” said Mama Cax to Bored Panda. “In many parts of the world, they are politically and socially excluded. I feel like I’m in a position to make a difference and one day be an advocate for people with disabilities.”

When asked what keeps her moving forward, she said “I think humanity or the lack thereof keeps me moving forward. Seeing all the kindness in the world and people who have supported me on my journey makes me feel like I shouldn’t give up.”

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