Anti-Vaxxer Husband Leaves Nurse Wife For Vaccinating Their Child


A nurse from New SOuth Wales have recently spoken out about how the social media conspiracies have caused the breakdown of her marriage. Namely, she was left to raise two young children as a single mother after her husband walked out because she decided to have their six-week-old daughter vaccinated with routine vaccines.

The couple married in 2019 after five years of dating, but the wife soon found out that her husband started mentioning ‘flat earth’ theories and stupid ideas about Covid-19 that he had read on Facebook.

Soon, the man became obsessed with the belief that the pandemic is not real, and his views became so fanatical that he even abandoned his family after she immunised their second baby.

The nurse spoke on the Nova 100FM’s Fitzy & Wippa show on Monday and said that her ex-husband would post stuff on Facebook and try to intimidate her for vaccinating their baby.
The newborn received the jabs for hepatitis B, pnuemococcal disease and rotavirus.

The nurse said that she and her ex-husband had agreed on everything before they got married, but it was until he got interested in conspiracy theories such as the ‘flat earth’ and so on.

She said that he believed in every single conspiracy theory after that.

The woman blamed social media and their algorithms for his quick descent into the anti-vax world. We all know how the drill goes: liking or sharing one post will flood your feed with dozens of similar posts, reinforcing that radical stance even further.

After the nurse got their newborn baby vaccinated, her husband vanished without a trace – leaving her to support their two kids as a single mother.

The woman ruled out a reunion with him under any circumstance, saing:
”There’s no logic – he’s just one of those anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists, every single theory about the world, he’s against it.”

Source: Daily Mail