Anti-Vaxxer Trigged By Sign At School Rages On Facebook, Gets Absolutely Shut Down


The anti-vaxxer community is still active, and, sadly, there’s no vaccination for stubbornness and self-destructive arrogance. Anti-vaxxers deny the reality and put innocent children at risk because of their stupid unsupported beliefs, and such was the case with one woman named Price.
As it turns out, Price raged very hard when user Kenleigh_ posted a school sign which says that only students with proven immunization records will be enrolled in one New Mexico school. Price got very angry at the sign, and her response is absolutely cringe-worthy.


This is the original post:

Price was absolutely trigged by the post, and this is what she replied:

The screenshots made their way to Reddit, where people had a lot to say about this woman’s opinion and the anti-vax movement in general: