Anti-Vaxxer “Warrior Mom” Doesn’t Trust Vaccines Because They’re Not Mentioned In The Bible


Enter Brittney Kara. Over the past few years, Kara has risen in the ranks of the anti-vaxxer movement with countless appearances at rallies, conferences, and YouTube videos where she preaches her beliefs to tens of thousands of viewers. But a video released in April 2018 where Kara said that she couldn’t find any mention of vaccines in the Bible might be her crowning achievement.

Let’s take a look at what Kara has to say on the subject

“I just decided to just Google what the Bible says about vaccinations,” Kara says as she stares into the camera. “There is nothing in the Bible that talks about vaccines.”

But as the end of the video thoroughly points out, there are a lot of things not mentioned in the Bible. This includes everything from modern conveniences like air conditioning, the motor vehicle, or even the internet. But that’s not good enough for Kara, as she soon points out.

“So, if God knew in the future that he was going to help create these amazing things that would change our health and be the best scientific advancement, why isn’t there anything, any inkling of talk about these things called vaccinations coming in later to save people,” she argues. “If that was really God’s plan and they were so amazing, then why isn’t in there at all?”