Artist Shares How Strangers Observe Her Body In Public


Haley Morris-Cafiero is a photographer from Tennessee who decided to set up cameras in public and create her self-portrait series called “Wait Watchers”. She originally had planned to use the photos for self-reflection, but she actually discovered something very unpleasant. While watching the photos, she found out that people were making facial gestures behind her back, so she decided to turn the subject of her work and base it on the reactions of those around her.

Her first set of photos, released 4 years ago, gained a lot of popularity on the internet, but Morris-Cafiero was still routinely criticized by many users for her weight. Most of them said that she should get a makeover and start exercising.

However, even though she thought people on the streets would appreciate her self-improvement efforts, she found out that they were still snickering behind her back.
Her work provided the opportunity for many plus-size people who face the same issues to speak out, and she says that she’s engaging in the conversation of body acceptance and idealized beauty standards. Learn more about her work on her website, and check out some of her most popular photos below:

Source: Upworthy