Baby Born With HIV Adopted By Gay Couple After Being Rejected By 10 Families


The value of family and the concept of family life can be found into the core of every human being, and even though you may sometimes think that your parents are unfair towards you, or your siblings are mean to you, at the end of the day you still love them, and you know they love you.

Family is a relationship for life, and it’s often the longest relationship we have with some people throughout our lives. The family has a crucial impact on who be grow up to be in life, and family is always that one special safe place where we can feel loved and safe from the world.
Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra are two dads that are showing the world this kind of example.

This is Olivia, their baby daughter.

Damien and Ariel are the first openly gay couple to be married in Santa Fe, Argentina, and they’re the parents of two adopted girls, Olivia and Victoria. Both partners work for an NGO that helps couples adopt unwanted children, and they took Olivia into their family when she was less than a month old. They waited around 3 years to adopt her, and after 10 families rejected her because she was born with HIV, they received a phone call and were offered the chance to adopt her.

The couple had been waiting for three years for this call.

The gents had absolutely no doubts about adopting Olivia, and they have a special connection with her.
Fortunately, her treatment was successful, and she can lead a normal life now.

Even though there’s no cure for HIV as of now, Olivia began treatment right away, and she showed positive results almost immediately. Soon enough, her parents received the good news, as tests showed that the virus was no longer detectable in her body.
She no longer has to suffer the negatives of the virus, and the virus will not be able to spread to others.

The family has adopted a second girl named Victoria since then, and the two young ladies are turning 5 this year.