Babysitter Shamed By A Mom For ‘Daring’ To Ask for $15 Per Hour


Babysitting kids is definitely not an easy task, and everyone who says otherwise has never taken care of kids in their life.

Their mood changes every minute, they are hungry all the time (or don’t want to eat at all), and you are the one that must go with their sleeping pattern.

Expectedly, babysitters want to be paid a decent hourly wage for taking care and looking after someone’s children, and many of us know that finding a good babysitter is one of the hardest things in life. However, even if someone thinks that their children are extremely well behaved and that the babysitter “would have to simply sit out the entire day eating ice-cream and playing with LEGOs”, that doesn’t change the fact that the work must be paid properly.

A woman that goes by the name ‘Alice’ shared a series of screenshots on Reddit’s ChoosingBeggars sub in which a mom called her out for “daring” to ask for 15 dollars per hour for babysitting her children. According to the mom, such price was way too steep for taking care of her “well-behaved children” who would be “sleeping most of the time”.
The babysitter stood her ground and did not give in, and you can see the whole conversation for yourself below:


The mother thought that ‘Alice’ shouldn’t have been asking for such a “steep” price because her kids are well-behaved and would’ve been sleeping all the time. However, the $8 per hour she offered for taking care of 3 children is humorous at best. ‘Alice’ didn’t give in, and showed that her pride and dignity were worth more than a few bucks.

What do you think? Did ‘Alice’ do the right thing by refusing to babysit ‘Betty’s’ children for 8 dollars per hour? How would you have handled the situation?

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