Batman Fans Have Just Found Out That Longtime Batman Voice Actor Is Gay


Kevin Conroy, the actor that voiced the Caped Crusader in Batman: The Animated Series, the Arkham games, and other media for the past three decades, is gay. And no, he didn’t just come out – it’s just fans didn’t know that.

So, DC Comis fans were rather surprised by the discovery, and they didn’t hesitate to show their elation at this discovery on Twitter, especially after it was recently announced that Conroy would be writing a story for DC’s celebration of Pride Month.

DC Comics recently announced that they’ll publish a series of stories about LGBTQ+ people, completing a Pride Anthology.

Conroy, who played Batman for 30 years (and is most famous for voicing the iconic character for the DC Animated Universe cartoon shows) will be writing a personal story called Finding Batman.
Besides the animated series, Conroy also voiced the character for the Arkham video game trilogy.

When DC announced the Pride Anthology, fans weren’t quite sure why Conroy would be writing for it. However, it all makes sense now.
And no, Conroy didn’t hide his sexuality. In a 2016 interview for the New York Times, he spoke about living through the 1980s AIDS crisis as a gay man.

For his Finding Batman story, he will be working with artist J. Bone and letterer Aditya Bidikar, and the DC Pride Anthology will be available on May 31st.

Source: Comicsands