Beauty Queen Says She Refused Pageant Title After Being Told to Lose Weight


A beauty queen has handed back her Miss United Kingdom crown after claiming competition organisers asked her to lose weight.

Earlier this year, Zoiey Smale was crowned Miss United Kingdom, which would see her competing to represent the country in the Miss United Continents pageant in Ecuador later this month.

However, the 28-year-old has decided to hand back her crown after she claims directors told her to embark in a diet plan to lose weight.

Zoiey, who grew up in Bideford and is a former student at The Park Community School in Barnstaple, told DevonLive : “I won the crown in June and then I had some feedback. I was told to go on a diet plan and to lose weight. I was shocked, it was quite hurtful.”
Zoiey said the international director had spoken with another director who relayed the comments.

She said: “I expressed my concerns, I wasn’t happy. I felt the request was out of order. Nobody has the right to say those things.

“It breaks my heart that young girls could feel bad for their weight.

“To put your trust in the industry and then be spoken to like that is horrible.”
She said: “I would have had to crash diet. I was told this information in June ahead of the September competition.

“I took some time out and saw my mum. I really had time to myself away from social media and to find a happy place.

“I decided to hand my crown over. People are relating to my story.”

Zoiey also took to her Facebook page to explain her feelings about why she handed her Miss United Kingdom Crown back.

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