Beer Made From A Model’s Vaginal Yeast Set To Hit The Shelves


“The Order of Yoni” brewery has just released a line of beer made from the “vaginal lactic acid of hot underwear models”.

When blended with water, malt, hops, wooden chips and yeast, it produces the special drink.

The Order of Yoni claims the drink has “no vaginal smell or taste” but is “flavoured with instincts”.

The firm is currently campaigning to raise £117,744 to help market the beer.

It states on their fundraising webpage: “Imagine a woman of your dreams, your object of desire, reads the product description. Her charm, her sensuality, her passion.

“Try her taste, feel her smell, hear her voice. Imagine her massaging you passionately and whispering into your ear everything you want. Now free your fantasies and imagine that with a magic wand you can close it in one bottle of beer.”

The public did show concern over the hygiene of this type of beer. But the Order of Yoni was quick to reassure them that the girls were checked and the scientific process makes it completely safe and consumable.