Being In Total Control of Herself


Submitted by Ryan Lee, A follower of Women’s Rights News

When I was little, in school, teachers told my mom I was bossy. I heard it my whole life. Why is it when girls have any sense of control or understanding, they are bossy? When boys exhibit the same behavior, they are awarded, and told that they are strong, in control, and will make great leaders one day.

I am a woman that knows what I want. I will do what I need in order to make things happen. I am a great leader. But I will never get the same respect afforded to me as my male counterpart. If I were to go put a resume in at a job, and another male applicant was to put in that same resume, same references, same work history, same educational background, we all know who would get the job. And don’t even start with what would happen if someone had an ethnic name. We all know who rises to the top in this country. No matter what we do as women, we will always be looked down upon as less than.

Why is it that we allow women to be paid $0.77 on the dollar? We all do the same amount of work. But at the end of the day it’s completely acceptable to be paid $0.23 less an hour for doing and pulling the same weight as a male counterpart. And then we get to hear the laughs about how we cry about not being equal. We aren’t treated equal on the daily.


I truly wish that all job interviews were held in a double blind study. I wish that resumes had their names taken off of them. I wish that voices would be modified in interviews. I wish that people weren’t able to see the person that they were interviewing, so that when they made the right job selection, it truly was the right selection. It wasn’t based on anything other than the applicants ability to do the job correctly.

Maybe one day everyone will be in an equal playing field when it comes to jobs. A name, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, or gender would not bias a person’s opinion as to who would do the job the best. But until then, tell your daughters that they will be great leaders. Don’t allow them to be called bossy. Let them know that they are just as capable of ruling the world as men.