Ben Shapiro: Megan Rapinoe Is Only Successful Because She’s An “Outspoken Lesbian”


We must admit it, misogynists have had a pretty rough week, physically and emotionally.

For example, there was the man in Long Island that raged about how nobody wants to date him in a bagel store.

And the king of misogynists, Ben Shapiro, has made it his mission to undermine the success of the US Women’s National Team at the World Cup. Expectedly, he is especially salty about the team’s co-captain Megan Rapinoe and the iconic status she gained, so he recently had a rant on his show.

He argued in his rant that Rapinoe, while a talented soccer player, is only famous because she’s a “very outspoken lesbian”.

So, Shapiro believes that the world is just so easy for outspoken lesbians, and they get everything handed to them on a gold platter.

He also believes that the movements for gay rights and acceptance are just a conspiracy so Rapinoe can make money.

He also insisted that the USWNT are as talented as 13-year-old boys. He noted that he has no particular love for women’s soccer, mainly because he “cares about skill level, and women’s soccer isn’t at the skill level of men’s soccer, not even teenage boy’s soccer”.

According to him, women don’t deserve equal pay because they don’t sell as many tickets.

Well, it looks like he sure cares a lot about women’s soccer for someone that claims doesn’t care for it.

Rapinoe’s love life and personality do not, by any means, undermine her accomplishments as an athlete, and people made sure to point out that: