#BisexualMenExist Hashtag Is Trending, And This Is Why It Matters


The hashtag #BisexualMenExist trended on Twitter in the recent days, and bi men sent out very important messages.
First of all, bisexual men do exist, and they don’t have to pick a side! To add to that, they’re not “confused”, and they’re still bisexual, even if they’re currently seeing a woman.

Some Twitter users even used the opportunity to come out, like Twitter user @jamiehollern.

Many others explained how bi men tend to get dismissed by the LGBTQ+ community and straight people alike, and that’s a huge problem.

The hashtag was created by software engineer and LGBTQ+ rights advocate Vaneet Mehta.

He wrote in his original tweet that the biphobia towards bi men has been terrible as of late, so he brought back #BisexualMenExist for some much-needed positivity.

He told HuffPost that he decided to tweet after the conversation about Netflix’s new reality show “Love Is Blind” broke out.

According to Mehta, the conversations on Twitter highlight how many people still believe that bisexuality doesn’t really exist, or even worse, that it’s “just a phase”. He said that these stereotypes about bi people erase his identity entirely, telling him that he’s not valid, and it means that people feel that they can’t date him because he’s only going to come out or he’s still in the closet.