Black Woman That Looks White Reveals What White People Say About Black People


Miriam Zinter is a Black woman whose both parents are Black, but both have white ancestors and she looks white.

She decided to open up about the racism and horrible things ‘white people feel safe’ to tell her.

Namely, Zinter has very light skin, blue eyes, and light hair, and it was just a few weeks ago when a neighbor questioned her Black Lives Matter sign in her front garden. She said that this isn’t the first time someone ask her that question, and encounters like this have been going on for a long time for her.

In a piece for the Huff Post, she talked about her life as a Black woman who looks white.

Namely, the neighbor asked her why she has a Black Lives Matter sign on her front lawn ‘when all those people do is hurt each other’. She told him that she’s Black, and an uncomfortable conversation about racism followed after he learned that her parents are Black.

She told him that Black Lives Matter calls attention to the fact that Black people are considered less than white people, and it needs to stop. She also told him that if people don’t understand this, Black people will continue to be used excessive force against by the police and be denied opportunities just because of the color of their skin.

In her article, Zinter wrote that her parents spoke to her about being Black in a world run by white people even before she went to kindergarten. They told her that to survive and thrive, she needs to know she’s lack and know what that means – even if she presents as white.

‘My kindergarten teacher did not feel it was appropriate for a Black child to learn and play with white children. She left me inside the classroom on my own while the other students played. I stood by the window and cried. My parents complained to the principal – a child of Italian immigrants – and he stepped in,’ – she writes.

In middle school, she had many troubles just because she’s Black. She also wrote about how white people think she’s white too and feel safe saying all kinds of horrible things they might not say publicly or in front of Black people. For example, she’s been told by people that they don’t understand why Black neighborhoods look ‘so ghetto’, and that ‘Black people are thugs’.

What frightens her is that many of these people are educated and hold jobs that give them at least some form of power over some people, such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, or social workers – and we need to put an end to it!

Source: Unilad