Boyfriend Proposed To His Girlfriend For A Month Without Her Noticing


This is one of those stories that this couple will be telling their grandchildren over and over again.
Edi Okoro decided that his girlfriend Cally Read was the one, so he bought a ring and started looking for just the right moment to pop the question.
He waited and waited for the moment, and decided that he’s going to have a little fun with it.

He wanted to see how far he can go parading the engagement ring he had bought in front of his girlfriend without her noticing it, and we can honestly say that he went pretty far!
To add to that, he documented the whole “proposal challenge” in photos, and the end result is heartwarmingly hilarious.


Edi eventually did pop the big question, and the couple got engaged.
He shared that he didn’t get caught, but he didn’t share how he did it. The most important part, though: She said Yes!