Bride-To-Be Revealed Her Fiancé Sold Their House To Buy “Perfect Purple Diamond Engagement Ring”


An anonymous bride-to-be from the U.S. has been facing backlash from the Internet after she claimed that her fiance sold their house to “get the perfect ring”.

The woman posted a photo of her flower-shaped “purple diamond” ring to a Facebook group named ‘That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming’.

She was probably expecting a skeptical response, and she declared that it’s real, it’s custom-designed, and it’s a purple diamond.

The woman then revealed that she and her fiance had sold their house in order to pay for the big engagement ring.

She wrote that they sold their house to get the perfect ring, and she asked for people not to shame her nails, because she works in retail, but it has nothing to do with her nails and she’s just lazy to paint them.


Social media users, however, were less than impressed with the ring.
Someone wrote that it looks like a part of a “fairy dress-up costume”, while another one added that they think her finger is having an allergic reaction to all that ugly.

Another one asked if they can get their house back, because they think the ring is horrible.

Many people were convinced that the post was a joke, however, because it can’t possibly be true.

The user that posted the photo of the ring has not replied yet, but if this is just a good joke, we appreciate it.