Brutally Honest Pics of Moms’ Post-baby Bodies are the Most Relatable Thing you Will See Today


Given how much hard work goes into giving birth (not to mention raising kids), you’d think our culture would chill the hell out and give moms a break. But alas, misogyny is still a virulent beast that prowls about surveying women’s bodies.

There’s a whole diet industry dedicated to pressuring new mothers to feel bad about their “post baby bodies” and it’s truly disgusting.

So, in order to fight back against this barrage of BS, the mother January Harsh decided to start the TakeBackPostPartum Instagram as a body positive forum for women to share their experiences after giving birth.

Women across the world have shared photos of themselves and sometimes their children, along with candid stories about their honest feelings after giving birth. since the photos speak for themselves, let me stall no more.

"Time will push you to your limits, faster than you want it to, aging you in ways that make you ache, slow down, grow tired and weak. Laugh. Walk. Eat. Drink. Dance. Garden. Skip. Make an effort and stop time. Stand beneath a rainshower, let yourself become completely drenched. Nap under a tree, when the rest of the world goes to work. Get on a bicycle and go for a cruise. Drink that wine or milkshake slower than you ever thought you could… savour each drop. _ Babies will suck your energy up. Children will treat your body like a jungle gym, bruising your skin, and pulling your muscles. Jobs will have you sitting indoors for too long. Partners may take you for granted. Friends will be under the illusion that they are too busy for simpler times spent together. Musical instruments will sit in their cases, forgotten. Hair will go unwashed. First dates will be boring and waste your time. Lovers will rip your heart out and put you through emotional hell and back, leaving you gutted, insecure and distrusting. Labor and birth and early motherhood will be painful, hard and depleting; leaving you with a body you may not know so well, or feel so good about. _ The path of adulthood is textured and often, uphill. But. ❤ _ You are incredible. You are soft, and precious. Giving, and nurturing. Beautiful and sensual. _ ❤You are worth honouring.❤You are worth loving.❤Stop for a moment, and love yourself. _ ❤Repeat x infinity. _ IMAGE AND WORDS BY @elliana_allon. . . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #reallife #momlife #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum

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“When I was pregnant with Paisley, there was always one thing that I would obsess about that scared me more than giving birth for the first time, #postpartum #depression. I would lay awake at night in fear of what emotions I would have after having her. Would I love her? Would I hate her? Would I feel resentment for what my body just went through? These are all very real thoughts that I had and I couldn’t get them out of my head. After dealing with depression and #anxiety my entire life, I was certain that going through it postpartum was inevitable. Then I had her and I felt….fine. In fact, I felt better than I had in my entire life. I felt happy and strong and powerful like I had just done something no other human ever could. Maybe it was just the #oxytocin talking but it was a feeling like I was floating on a cloud. Then days and weeks and months went by and the exhaustion finally set in. Around 6 months postpartum I started feeling defeated. Like if I didn’t get some kind of break soon then I would end up breaking myself. I remember sitting in my truck, tears streaming down my face because Paisley did a number of things that day that made me question whether or not I was a good mom. I felt this way for a couple weeks and then I finally was able to pull myself out of it. I’m not a doctor so I’m not sure if it was #PPD or not, but what I do know is that whatever you’re going through be it exhaustion, PPD, #PPA or even just feeling tired—you are GOING to get through this. Ask someone for help. Tell them you need their support. Take some time to practice self love and self care. You can’t pour from an empty glass. I know it’s hard, but you aren’t alone and you should never feel like you aren’t worthy enough to get the help you need. You are beyond worthy. You are the warrior goddess Mama that birthed that beautiful baby and you deserve every ounce of support and love that you can get. Don’t give up.” @chloeandpaisley . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #motherhood #selflove #selfcare

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