Did Caitlyn Jenner Just Let it Slip That Kylie Jenner HAS Already Given Birth?


In late December, a (very blurry) photo of Kylie Jenner resurfaced, along with a theory that based on the date, she’d already given birth to her and Travis Scott’s baby.

Fast forward to Jan. 4, 2018, when Kylie’s parent Caitlyn Jenner appeared on “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories,” to answer a few questions and speak candidly about her transition.

According to Life and Style Magazine, while discussing her grandchildren, Caitlyn said she had a total of 12 or 13 grandchildren – and for anyone keeping track, that would include Kylie’s rumored baby.

Between all three of her previous marriages, Jenner has only 11 known grandbabies, so many fans are freaking out that she may have accidentally confirmed Kylie’s pregnancy and the baby’s birth.

However, to be fair, she does have quite a few kids to keep track of and keeping track of all their kids and pregnancies could get complicated. Plus, Kylie’s baby would only be number 12, so how do you explain number 13?

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