Calvin Klein’s Plus-Size Model Shamed For Promoting ‘Unhealthy Living’, The Model Responds


When it comes to fashion, the opinions of people are extremely divided, and whenever you bring up the words “beauty”, “weight”, or “health”, it seems like nearly everyone in the world has an opinion on esthetics.

For example, Calvin Klein sparked a massive and fiery discussion online after they featured a plus-size rapper Chika wearing the brand’s underwear on a huge billboard in Soho.
Some people applauded the company for being inclusive and for breaking the old-fashioned beauty standards, while others criticized it for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle because of the health concerns that come with obesity.
A third group of people, however, thinks that the brand is only pretending to accept “progressive” values in order to make more money.

According to some Twitter users, the ad was doing more harm than good.

Chika herself decided to hit back at the nasty trolls:

Which added even more heat to the discussion:

What’s your opinion on this one? What do you think about the ad?