Captain Shuts Down Man Who Asked ‘How Can You Be A Captain? Your Only A Woman’


Kate McCue is the first American woman to be the captain of a mega cruise ship. She’s the captain of ‘Celebrity Edge’, and the first thing you’re gonna hear through the speakers of the cruise ship is ‘This is Captain Kate, but you can call me Captain because it took me 19 years to earn this title.’.
Kate has a large Instagram following of almost 170k people, and she brings her cat Sphynx on every cruise!

She recently decided to share the story of how one sexist commenter asked her ‘How can she be the captain? She’s only a woman’.
In a TikTok video she responded to the hater with the most epic comeback ever, and the video has since been viewed more than 4.3 million times! Many people praised her for her wit and humor, and you can check out the video for yourself below.


This is what people said about Kate’s mic-drop response to the troll that tried to diminish her success.