Catholic School Makes Two LGBTQ+ Teachers Resign, Students Protest By Staging a Walkout


Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess, and if you think about it, children are the wealthiest people in the world.

What we cherish the most about children is their honesty, as they are the most likely to stand up to injustice – simply because it’s the human thing to do.

Well, students at Kennedy Catholics High in Burien, Seattle, couldn’t stand the injustice against two of their teachers, and they walked out protesting the resignation of two teachers who were forced to resign after getting engaged to their gay partners.

Both English teacher Paul Danforth and soccer coach Michelle Beattie quit their jobs in Kennedy Catholic High after they got engaged to their partners. Both Danforth and Beattie are gay, so this seems like a strange coincidence. The school insists that the teachers quit voluntarily, but Danforth’s fiance, Sean Nyberg, said that his partner was forced out soon after he got engaged on November 1.

After the students heard the news, they just couldn’t stay quiet and decided to protest in the hallways of their school. They later took the protest outside, where they were joined by their parents.

As it turns out, the school requires teachers to sign a contract that the school can revoke if ‘the teacher’s lifestyle is incompatible with Catholic moral values’.

Even though some of the parents have been aware of this clause, they never thought that the school would actually act on it.

So, the students took it into their own hands and went into the hallways, refusing to go back to their classrooms.

Nyberg, Danforth’s fiance, was convinced that the students were really brave to take action, and that it was ‘braver than anything I’ve seen any adults do. The drive and the willingness to maybe get in trouble is pretty inspiring. And that the rest of the world is watching.’

This is what the internet had to say about the protests:

Source: Bored Panda