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Chanel Miller, Brock Turner’s Victim Shares Powerful Short Film About The Strength Of Survivors


Chanel Miller is the woman that was assaulted by Brock Turner, and she read her 12-page victim impact statement to him in court. The world came to know her, though, as “Jane Doe”, and not her real name, so she recently released a memoir titled “Know My Name”. To add to that, she has now come up with an amazing animated short film about what happened to her and her identity, and she speaks in the name and the identity of many assault survivors. The video was uploaded on the Viking Books YouTube channel.

Miller details the story of her assault in her 5-minute video called “I Am With You”, and the public trial that took place after the assault.
Hearing how this one night turned her life upside-down is truly heartbreaking, and it was even more heartbreaking to see how it felt for her to be only seen as the woman who Brock Turner assaulted.
She says in the short film that nobody wants to be defined by the worst thing that has happened to them, and it’s exactly what happened to her. She felt like she was “nobody” and “nameless”, and those are words that would follow her forever.


She says in the film, though, that when she released the statement that she read directly to Turner, the judge didn’t hear her, but something else happened. Her impact statement surfaced the internet, and the world breathed life into her words.

Miller says that her identity is everything to her, and she notes that survivors will not be boxed in, oppressed. Her inspirational video ends with a powerful final thought:

“My name is Chanel and I am with you”.

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