Chef Bans Rich Customers And Returns His $1.200 Bill Because He ‘Disrespected’ The Waitress


Lee Skeet is a chef who worked at a Cora restaurant in Cardiff, UK, who recently called out a group of rich diners who were eating at the restaurant a few months ago for misbehaving with the waitress, and banned them from returning to the restaurant.

Skeet shared the email he wrote to the entitled diner on Twitter. Moreover, the group racked up the highest bill at the restaurant, $1,200, but Skeet still decided to call them out and back his co-worker.

Check out the tweet that went viral, racking up over 130k likes and 14k retweets:

Skeet shared that the group, even though they had the biggest bill the restaurant has ever had on one table, misbehaved towards the 22-year-old Lily who runs front-of-house. She told him that she was talked down to, disrespected, and touched unwantedly by members of the group.

So, the restaurant owner and chef offered the group to refund them their entire bill of £1000 minus £100 which he believes they should have tipped Lily – which he will pay directly to her – as they left no tip. He also asked them to never come back to his restaurant, as Lily means a lot more to him than money. He also advised them to assess the people they surround yourself.

In a follow up tweet, however, Skeet wrote that he reacted too quickly and emotionally, and he has since decided not to refund the bill, but give all the money to Lily.

The restaurant serves just 12 guests in an intimate dining room, and it showcases the best quality seasonal produce that’s available for the day.
Skeet made headlines back in 2017 after a crane crushed him, and the public also knows him for working for Gordon Ramsay.

People loved the story, and didn’t hesitate to praise the employer for standing up for his employees.

Source: Upworthy