Chrissy Teigen: We Shouldn’t ‘Assume All Women’s Goals Are To Have Kids’


‘I don’t feel like people should be pressured to have children,’ 


Chrissy Teigen has said it is important to acknowledge and embrace the fact not all women want to have children.

Teigen said there should not be a stigma attached to women choosing not to have children and insisted she never judged women for not doing so.

The conversation was sparked by interviewer, Arianna Davis, admitting she was “on the fence” about whether or not she wanted children.

“Well, first of all, I want to commend you in your decision to be open about maybe not having children at all,” Teigen told Refinery 29 for their new series Mothership.

“I think it’s really commendable to even doubt the process out loud, because I don’t feel like people should be pressured to have children,” she continued.

“I’m sure that when you announce that fact to somebody, they’re very quick to be like, ‘Gasp! Why don’t you want kids?’ And I’ve never been that way with people, because I don’t think any of us should assume all women’s goals are to have kids. It’s a choice!”

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