Christian Youth Leader ‘Raped Underage Girl Then Punched Her Stomach When He Thought She Was Pregnant’


A former church youth group leader allegedly raped a girl and, when he thought she was pregnant, punched her in the stomach.


Samuel Patrick Dockary, 23, is facing 26 charges including rape, indecent assault, and unlawful sexual connection.

He pleaded not guilty at the beginning of his trial at the Hamilton District Court on Tuesday.

Some of the charges Dockary faces are alternative charges to some of the more serious ones – which include two counts of rape.

Other incidents including the alleged molestation of the two complainants and instances where he had them perform oral sex on him.

Dockary is being represented by lawyer Sheila Cameron, who told the jury of five men and seven women that issues of consent would be at the heart of their decision-making process.

“It’s not about applying morality, certainly not Christian morality,” she said. “It’s about applying common sense.”

It was up to the Crown to disprove consent or prove indecency, Cameron said.

The Crown case in the seven-day trial is being handled by Rebecca Guthrie.

The court heard from one of the two alleged victims who, shielded from her alleged abuser by a screen, spoke of how he struck up a friendship with her, before obtaining her cellphone number and making romantic advances towards her through text messages.

“He said he wanted a relationship with me … I was quite flattered [although] I thought it was strange and I was uncomfortable.”

He also befriended the victim’s family and began attending events such as family dinners.

Further alleged incidents followed, with Dockary becoming increasingly persistent. On one occasion he allegedly forced her to give him oral sex, telling her it was her “job” to fellate him.

She said she had wanted to vomit and was scared of how aggressive he had become.

Dockary was initially living in a dormitory on the church campus, but eventually moved into a flat a short distance away. He used to pick up the girl and take her back to his flat, where their sexual activity continued – including one incident where he allegedly raped her.

“He at one stage believed I was pregnant. He was quite paranoid.”

Dockary then allegedly punched her in the stomach.

“He said ‘If there is a baby in there, I have just killed it,” she said.

She had tried to end the relationship, however she was scared that Dockary would hurt himself if that happened.

The trial, under Judge Kim Saunders, continues.


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