Church Leader Follows A Woman Into Bathroom Just To Tell Her She’s Too Big To Wear Shorts


Miss Bonnie Sue of the Swansboro United Methodist Church apparently believes that it’s appropriate to follow young women into the restroom to tell them that they’re too big to wear shorts.
It remains unknown if she has done the same before, and how many times, but we know that she will not do it anymore, thanks to Jenna.

What Bonnie Sue didn’t know is that she picked the wrong woman to mess with.

The story starts on a Sunday, was Jenna was up on stage singing with the praise and worship team when she had to step off and use the restroom. Bonnie Sue, a church leader/elder came behind her, cornered Jenna by following her into the restroom and told her that “big” girls don’t wear shorts.

Jenna, expectedly, was caught off guard, but at least got the time to put out her phone and start recording. Bonnie described to her what another chubby person was wearing, and how it was more appropriate.

Jenna asked if by that Bonnie meant to say that she’s fаt, and Bonnie answered by saying “Oh, you don’t think you are?”

Jenna, clearly upset, defended herself by telling Bonnie how much she loves herself and how she has no right to tell her what she can and cannot wear.

Bonnie then warned Jenna not to come up on the stage in those shorts. Jenna tells her that she can wear whatever she wants, and Bonnie says “Try it”. Bonnie then pulls the evilest move one can do in such situation: she walks out the bathroom and goes up to two other elders who were standing in the hallway and reports Jenna for using foul language towards her.

What Bonnie didn’t expect, though, was that Jenna met with church leaders and showed them the video and even posted it on Twitter, just to make sure everyone sees it.

This is how she followed up her tweet and the video that has since been viewed by over 5 million people:

People were absolutely furious at Bonnie, and overwhelmed Jenna with love and support: