Clothes Don’t Have Genders. Lingerie Brand Claps Back At Haters With Male Model


We’re living in the 21st century, and people should know by know that there are more than two genders.
Inclusive lingerie company Playful promises recently decided to challenge the outdated views many people have on gender and they posted a photo of a male model, Jake DuPree, wearing one of their lingerie sets.

The company posted the photo on their official Instagram page, and even though it received some backlash, Playful Promises didn’t hesitate to clap back with their brilliant responses to some of the most blatant haters.
The photo has since gone absolutely viral.

We must admit, this is absolutely incredible! Some people, though, didn’t appreciate this fierce and bold ad, and they took it to the comment section to ‘complain’. Playful Promises weren’t having ANY of it, and their replies to the hateful comments made the post even more powerful.


We don’t know who needs to hear this, but clothes are just clothes, and just because the media tried to tell us what is “appropriate” for males and what’s “appropriate” for females, it doesn’t mean that’s the truth. How one chooses to express their gender, or how they choose to dress, is their choice, and we should all embrace everyone’s freedom to choose how they express themselves.