Comedian Tweets List Of The Impeachable Offenses By Trump


More and more people in the U.S. are calling for impeachment proceedings to begin against President Trump, and one of the people among them is actor and comedian Jon Cryer.
It all started when the comedian reminded his followers of all the impeachable offenses Trump has done. However, a troll on Twitter accused Cryer of basing his argument on emotions rather than facts, so it was then when Cryer got specific.

And when we say specific, we mean that he made a list of all the impeachable offenses.
Scroll down to check out the long list, and tell us what you think about it in the comments!

Even though some people fear it will backfire against the Democrats, the calls to impeach Trump are stronger and stronger.

Many people responded that impeachment is not about his political palatability, but about protecting the democracy in this country.

Congressional Democrats are split on the matter: some insist that the process of impeachment would allow for more thorough investigations into Trump’s suspected crimes, while others fear that it will be political self-destruction.

Cryer’s followers soon started adding other impeachable offenses to the list: