Company Offers Single Female Workers Extended Time Off To Find Love


The dating game is often a tough one, and many people struggle to find their soul mates. However, maybe it wouldn’t be so tough if your boss tried to make it easier for you.
Yup, you read that right: two Chinese companies decided to help their single employees find love by giving them extra free time.

The companies are based in the city of Hangzhou, and they decided to give their female workers an 8-day paid leave in order to encourage them to find a husband.
Any unmarried female employee older than 30 can take the extra days off around the time of the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, which makes it a total of 2 weeks for them to find love.


To add to that, the leave can be extended, according to specific needs.

The companies are a part of the Hangzhou Songcheng Group, the company behind the largest theme park in China, Songcheng.
They have thousands of employees in their office, but so much time inside the office can take women away from the dating scene.

According to the managers of the company, love makes employees happy, and a happy employee is a dedicated worker.

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