Company Owner Shares Earnings With Employees And Explains How Business Owners Keep All The Profit


Madeline Pendleton is a small business owner that has recently gained a lot of popularity for her unique way of running her company. Namely, she shares her earnings with her employees equally, which means that all of them get a good pay, and thanks to that they live much happier lives.

We all know that many business owners hog most of the profits and pay their employees the very least they are mandated by law, so it’s highly unusual for owners to share their profits with their employees and we must admit its refreshing to see.

In one of her recent posts on social media she shared that her employees make $70k a year, they work four days a week, and she even bought them new cars. Wow!

The TikTok celebrity believes in ethical consumption, and she’s the owner of a popular clothing line and vintage shop in LA – Tunnel Vision.

The brand focuses on sustainability, economic equality, and size inclusivity, and is very popular among young people.

Pendleton opened up about her profit sharing in a recent TikTok video that went viral, and she pointed out how other business owners take an enormous chunk of the profit and leave the bare minimum for the employees.

She was asked how would her life be if she didn’t earn the same as her employees, and she opened up.

Check out the video for yourself below, and see how a business should be run!


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Even though some people argued with her classification of ‘lower-middle-class’, most of them praised her for paying her workers fairly and sharing the earnings of the company.

Source: Upworthy