Conservatives Left Fuming After Wimbledon Removes Female Players’ Names Marital Status


Wimbledon recently announced their decision to change how they recognize female athletes on their champions board.

To modernize women’s honor boards, Wimbledon will replace them to remove the titles ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’ in front of the names of female winners to replicate men’s boards.
However, even though there are plenty of other major issues to worry about, some conservatives have chosen to complain about Wimbledon’s decision. Reportedly, some conservative media users and journalists have expressed their disappointment with the changes:

Yes, even the controversial Piers Morgan had a say on this:

As you probably would have guessed it, most of the complaints came from white men.

The historical change will be implemented just in time for the 2022 Wimbledon Championships, which will start on June 27.

Source: Comicsands